Bing Studios is a next generation creative studio and strategic advisory that develops, distributes, and advises creative entities. 



Bing Studios is a next generation creative group that develops, distributes, and advises creative franchises that help uncover humanity’s greatest and oldest question: why are we here? The Studio anchors its work in humanity's four seminal moments: birth, family, career, and death. Its first original franchise launches in 2018.


Each experience is three-pronged:

Stories: At the heart of every mission, company, and community is a story. Bing Studios anchors its creative experiences in premium original IP in the form of novels, films, shows, music, and more.

Spaces: As media is meant to be five-dimensional, the Studio also exposes its stories through physical activations, from consumer products to site-based entertainment experiences.

Services: Entertainment must do more than delight--it must be practical and useful. Services are utility-based offerings that consumers can leverage to enhance their own lives, anchored inside the same story-based universe.



In addition to its creative franchises, Bing Studios also serves as a strategic advisory to more than 30 leading digital media technology and creative companies across North America, Asia, and Western Europe. Bing is also a Board Director and Advisory Board Member to more than a dozen leading digital media companies.